Different Type of Sauna Kits


If you’re interested in embracing the many health benefits served up by a sauna, you’ll need to think carefully about which type makes the most sense for you.

Once you start investigating the world of saunas, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the vast range of options at your disposal.

We’re here to help eliminate analysis paralysis today with a concise overview of the different types of sauna kits from which you can choose.

We’ll jump right in with nine of the best sauna kits money can buy along with the leading benefit of each type. You’ll be able to see at a glance which makes the best fit for your needs and budget.

8 Types of Sauna Kits

  1.    Pre-Fabricated Modular Sauna Kit
  2.    Pre-Cut Sauna Kit
  3.    Infrared Sauna Tent
  4.    Infrared Sauna Cabinet
  5.    Outdoor Sauna Kit
  6.    Dry Sauna Kit
  7.    Steam Sauna Kit
  8.    Finnish Sauna Bath

1) Pre-Fabricated Modular Sauna Kit

A DIY pre-fab modular kit comes with all sections for the sauna walls pre-built and ready to screw or bracket together.

Sizes of pre-fab kits start at 4 x 4 feet and extend to 8 x 12 feet at the upper end.

A modular kit allows you to pop up a rugged, freestanding sauna in a matter of hours. You can set this sauna up indoors or outdoors.

Expect assembly to take a day or so.

  •    Key Benefit: This is a completely flexible solution that can be disassembled and relocated in as little as a few hours.

2) Pre-Cut Sauna Kit

If you’re hunting for an indoor sauna kit and you have a reasonable budget, a pre-cut kit costs less than a pre-fabricated alternative. It’s still not cheap, but it’s at least affordable.

Pre-cut kits help you convert an existing space into a sauna. Examples of suitable areas include:

  •    Closet
  •    Shed
  •    Spare bedroom

These kits bundle pre-cut boards, so you’ll need to measure the space you’re looking to fit out accurately. Aside from these boards, you’ll also need to factor in some insulation.

A pre-cut kit is not for the faint-hearted, so make sure you’re DIY-savvy before taking this project on.

  •    Key Benefit: Ideal if you’re looking to convert an existing room or closet into a sauna

3) Infrared Sauna Tent

An indoor infrared sauna tent is just about the most straightforward solution you can buy.

These one-person tents are among the cheapest entry points to sauna therapy. Lightweight and portable, they’re easy to set up and equally simple to move.

Sizes range from 2 x 4 feet up to 4 x 6 feet.

  •    Key Benefit: An infrared sauna tent is perfect if you’re operating with limited space and a restricted budget.

4) Infrared Sauna Cabinet

If you’re looking to accommodate several people and you’ve got a bit more space, an infrared sauna cabinet is well worth considering.

Although cabinets are much bulkier than tents, you can still shift them if necessary.

You’ll pay a steep price for the plug-and-play convenience, however. Infrared sauna cabinets are one of the most expensive sauna kits out there.

  •    Key Benefit: Infrared sauna cabinets are incredibly easy to set up and offer IR therapy on a budget with minimal fuss.

5) Outdoor Sauna Kits

If you fancy taking a sauna out in the yard, you can buy plenty of outdoor kits from modular builds that resemble a shed to quirky barrel saunas.

These kits will yield a structure capable of accommodating several people so you can get your friends in on the action or relax alone.

If you’re planning to install an outdoor sauna, make sure to research what permits you need. Check if there are any restrictions on sizing, location, or type of sauna.

  •    Key Benefit: Outdoor sauna kits allow you to experience a sauna in a natural, outdoor setting for enhanced relaxation.

6) Dry Sauna Kit

With a dry sauna, you heat the rocks, but there’s no water added.

These pre-built kits come with a heater – typically a wood-burning stove or an electric stove – and cater to multiple, simultaneous users.

This type of sauna is not straightforward to install, so you might want to engage the services of a contractor to get the job done in a timely fashion.

  •    Key Benefit: These are tailor-made for relieving stress and anxiety.

7) Steam Sauna Kit

While a steam room won’t be as hot as a regular sauna, humidity is much higher, as evidenced by the water you’ll see dripping down the walls.

The heat will be less tolerable in a steam sauna due to the humidity levels, so make sure you’re aware of this upfront.

You’ll need sloped ceilings and a drain in the room. You’ll need a generator outside with wiring into the steam room. This style is about as far from a quick and easy DIY job as it gets, so make sure you’re fully committed before considering a steam sauna kit.

  •    Key Benefit: This style is great for sauna fanatics looking for an authentic experience at home.

8) Finnish Sauna Bath

Are you lucky enough to own a lakeside property?

If so, why not consider a traditional Finnish sauna bath in an outbuilding replete with a wood-burning sauna?

Once you’re done, take a dip in the lake to ice the cake.

  •    Key Benefit: A traditional sauna promotes detoxification through perspiration.
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