Rocky Mountain Sauna Review


If you’re looking for a sauna, it’s easy to become confused with so many models on the market.

Maybe you’ve already whittled down your choice to an infrared sauna, but you’re still unsure which way to turn.

We’ll break down the Rocky Mountain line of IR saunas for you today. In business since 2010, this Colorado-based company is family-owned and family-operated, which comes through in their responsive customer care.

How about the saunas themselves, though?

The Rocky Mountain Saunas Range

The 2019 Rocky Mountain Sauna range includes both home and commercial models.

Sizes range from dinky 1-person IR saunas through too much larger units capable of accommodating up to 5 people in one session. These beefier models are perfect if you want to relax with the whole family or share your sauna when you have guests over.

Here’s a snapshot of the entire line-up:

Home Saunas

  •    Badger (1-Person)
  •    Colorado (2-Person)
  •    Durango (3-Person)
  •    Rio Grande – Corner (3-Person)
  •    Big Bear (4-Person)

Commercial Saunas

  •    Aspen (1-Person)
  •    Vail (2-Person)
  •    Montana (4 to 5-Person)

All of these models come with zero-EMF carbon heaters and EMF-protective shielding.

The standard-issue finish is a pale wood named Pacific Coast Hemlock. If you prefer something a little darker, you can opt for Western Red Cedar.

We’ll run down the core features, followed by the optional upgrades you can use to build out the sauna of your dreams.

Features: Standard

All Rocky Mountain saunas come with these features baked in.

  • Rocky Mountain Saunas 8mm Thick Walls: The top-notch heartwood lumber is herbally cured and slow-dried, so you’ll get no toxins and no outgassing. The industry-leading 8mm thick walls come sanded so smoothly they have a real sheen. The double-wall construction made by hand with tongue-and-groove comes with a vertical grain to ramp up the strength.
  • 360-Degree Heater Panels: Laboratory tested to give out optimum infrared energy with no EMF, the Japanese-made nano-carbon panels cover the walls, floor, and front bench. You’ll be exposed to the warming IR through a full 360 degrees.
  • Reinforced Flooring: Maximum load-bearing capacity is an impressive 300 pounds, and the reinforced flooring promotes superb toxin expulsion. The bench front panel is also enhanced and gives you maximum exposure to infrared rays.
  • Outstanding Heat Retention: The Tek-Sun Warmwall is built for a rapid warm-up time while also retaining heat brilliantly.
  • Bluetooth Control Panels: Previously an optional extra, all Rocky Mountain saunas now come with a Bluetooth panel. You can take charge of timing from inside or outside, and sessions are programmable through 30 hours. An onboard FM tuner ensures you’ve got some soothing music at your fingertips, too.
  • Ionizer: The ozone generator and ionizer works to efficiently clear air in the cabin while getting rid of any unpleasant smells that might bring about bacteria. This feature is a wonderful, sanitizing touch.

Features: Optional

If all that’s not enough, you can add a few optional upgrades to personalize your Rocky Mountain sauna.

A one-way privacy door wrap is reasonably expensive, and we would argue it’s not worth paying for.

The Sunbrella canvas covers, on the other hand, will prolong the lifespan of your sauna and make a sound investment. If you live somewhere unusually cold, there’s a thermal cover up for grabs, too.

Interior cushions can also be built out with a Sunbrella covering.

We’ll round out this discussion with a curated list of the leading benefits and drawbacks so you can see at a glance if Rocky Mountain Saunas make sense for you.

Rocky Mountain Saunas Pros

  •    Sauna manufactured by family-owned and US-based Rocky Mountain, so you can buy with complete confidence
  •    Class-leading double walls come with first-rate insulation
  •    Nano-carbon heater panels
  •    Knot-free timber for a smooth and elegant aesthetic
  •    International safety certification from all the leading bodies
  •    Residential saunas all come backed with a lifetime guarantee on labor, materials, and electrics
  •    Free shipping within the US
  •    Robust online support
  •    Excellent transparency with pricing

Rocky Mountain Saunas Cons

  •    Very little information available about the company
  •    Optional upgrades are costly

Final Word

Choosing a sauna is not something you should rush into. While a great IR sauna is not cheap, if you take your time, do plenty of due diligence and focus on your specific requirements, there’s no reason not to get a sauna that will last a lifetime.

And, with that lifetime guarantee from Rocky Mountain Sauna, you can buy with complete confidence knowing the company has your back in the event of anything going wrong.

All that remains is to decide upon which model and which extras you fancy adding to the standard sauna!

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